Take Up Unit Bearings

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The take-up assembly contains a screw or other mechanism for adjusting its location along the frame.  A shaft connects two take-up bearings, one mounted on each side of the assembly. When a conveyor belt or chain needs to be replaced or tightened, the take-up bearing is adjusted via the screw or other mechanism to provide the appropriate amount of tension on the system.

Take-up bearings are a type of mounted bearing primarily used for adjusting and maintaining conveyor belt tension. Take-up is the process of adjusting the length of the belt and chain to compensate for stretch, shrinkage, or wear, and to maintain proper tension. This is done with the assembly of the necessary structural and mechanical parts, including take-up bearings. The take-up bearing assembly consists of a housed that is mounted to a frame. The bearing is guided along the frame by a slot int he bearing housing or other means.

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU14V208SEO Take Up Unit Bearings

No Cover J7
Quote Bearing Steel

QM INDUSTRIES QVTU14V207SEB Take Up Unit Bearings

Nitrile Shaped steel/Groove-
Cylindrical Bore Set No

QM INDUSTRIES QVTU14V065SM Take Up Unit Bearings

Diamond Flange Shape 12
6650 No

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU14V208SEC Take Up Unit Bearings

Stamped Steel 2340 lbf
11000 0.0735

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU14V065ST Take Up Unit Bearings

Steel Steel
Radial Single Row

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU14V060SEB Take Up Unit Bearings

4.29 in 4.25 in
5580 lbf LM720646

QM INDUSTRIES QATU15A070SC Take Up Unit Bearings

18 12300 lbf
15.875 mm 3.560 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QAATU20A100SC Take Up Unit Bearings

No No
No 129000

QM INDUSTRIES QVTU14V060SN Take Up Unit Bearings

Steel Grade 0
L1 Standard

QM INDUSTRIES QATU15A070SEC Take Up Unit Bearings

Four-Bolt Square Fla 15/16 in
M10 Tri-Ply Seal

QM INDUSTRIES QAATU10A200SM Take Up Unit Bearings

93000 0.146
2.0000 in 0 in

QM INDUSTRIES QATU20A400SEM Take Up Unit Bearings

No With Outer Ring
CN (standard) No